Who made Kendall Jenner’s red down coat, blue jeans, black handbag, and platform boots?

Shoes – Jeffrey Campbell

Coat – Balenciaga

Purse – Givenchy

Jeans – Re/Done

Who made Kendall Jenner’s gold coat, black pants, and white sneakers?

Pants – Vetements

Shoes – Adidas by Raf Simons

Jacket – Ports 1961

Who made Kendall Jenner’s silver sunglasses, black print sweatshirt, pants, and tote handbag?

Sweatshirt and pants – Vetements Champion

Sunglasses – Quay

Purse – Hermes

Who made Kendall Jenner’s black velvet handbag, leather pants, patent boots, and gold sunglasses?

Sunglasses – Krewe

Purse – Gucci

Pants – Rta

Shoes – Louis Vuitton

Who made Kendall Jenner’s jewelry, sandals, and white lace gown?

Earrings – Nigaam

Dress – Elie Saab

Shoes – Jimmy Choo

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Who made Kendall Jenner’s gold down jacket, black leather pants, blue print scarf, sunglasses, and black velvet handbag?

Sunglasses – Krewe

Scarf – Chanel

Purse – Gucci

Coat – Ports 1961

Pants – Rta

Who made Kendall Jenner’s denim jacket, blue hat, black ankle boots, and chain handbag?

Jacket – Ambush

Shoes – Louis Vuitton

Hat – Valas

Purse – Givenchy

Who made Kendall Jenner’s denim jacket, black tote handbag, brown velvet pants, crop top, aviator sunglasses, and tan lace up boots?

Sunglasses – Linda Farrow

Jacket – Re/done

Shoes – Yeezy

Purse – Versace

Shirt and pants – Cristiano Burani

Who made Kendall Jenner’s black sunglasses, silver handbag, stripe sweatpants, and sneakers?

Pants – Thom Browne

Purse – Louis Vuitton

Shoes – Kendall + Kylie

Sunglasses – Givenchy

Who made Kendall Jenner’s red sweatshirt, pants, white sneakers, and silver handbag?

Sweatshirt and pants – Champion

Purse – Louis Vuitton

Shoes – Nike

Who made Kendall Jenner’s pumps and orange strapless gown?

Dress – Paule KA

Shoes – Christian Louboutin

Who made Kendall Jenner’s black print top, blue ripped jeans, and clear ankle boots?

Shirt – Christian Dior

Shoes – Ego Tasha

Jeans – Re/Done

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Who made Kendall Jenner’s gold coat, square sunglasses, velvet sweatshirt, black cross clutch handbag, blue ripped jeans, and ankle boots?

Jacket – Acne Studios

Purse and sunglasses – Givenchy

Jeans – Re/done

Shoes – Ego Official

Hoodie – House of Sunny

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Who made Kendall Jenner’s black sandals, leopard coat, and lace slip dress?

Shoes and dress – Alexander Wang

Coat -Just One Eye

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Who made Kendall Jenner’s sunglasses, blue jeans, white backpack, velvet black handbag, key chian, and lace up pumps?

Purse and shoes – Gucci

Key Chain – Fendi

Jeans – Re/done

Sunglasses – Krewe

Backpack – Dolce & Gabbana

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