Who made Gigi Hadid’s red pants and sunglasses?

Sunglases – L.G.R

Pants – Tommy Hilfiger

Who made Gigi Hadid’s black crop jeans, gray ripped denim jacket, round sunglasses, ankle boots, red sweatshirt, and leather backpack?

Sweatshirt – Holzweiler

Jeans – Amo

Bag – Uri Minkoff

Sunglasses – Oliver Peoples

Shoes – 3.1 Phillip Lim

Jacket – Topshop

Who made Gigi Hadid’s denim shirt, cropped jeans, and black floral mule shoes?

Shirt – Mother

Jeans – Sandro

Shoes – Gucci

Who made Gigi Hadid’s black pants, aviator sunglasses, white sneakers, and crop jacket?

Jacket and pants – Alessandra Rich

Sunglasses – Versace

Shoes – Reebok

Who made Gigi Hadid’s green stripe pants, satin top, and white sandals?

Shirt and pants – Morgan Lane

Shoes – Stuart Weitzman

Who made Gigi Hadid’s gray crystal slit pants, crop sweater, and silver pumps?

Sweater and pants – Sally LaPointe

Shoes – Stella Luna

similar style shoes

Who made Gigi Hadid’s black sunglasses, long sleeve top, and sneakers?

Shirt – Project Social

Shoes – Dkny

Sunglasses – Karen Walker

Who made Gigi Hadid’s white tank top, blue denim shorts, and tank ankle boots?

Shirt – Tommy Hilfiger

Shorts – Re/done

Shoes – Tony Bianco

similar style coats

Who made Gigi Hadid’s blue jumpsuit and platform shoes?

Jumpsuit and shoes – Tommy Hilfiger

Who made Gigi Hadid’s denim blue jacket and red stripe swimwear?

Jacket and swimwear – Tommy Hilfiger

Who made Gigi Hadid’s green bomber jacket, ripped black tee, sunglasses, pants, and black sneakers?

Jacket – Unravel

Pants and shoes – Reebook

Sunglasses – Linda Farrow

Shirt – LNA

similar style items by the same designers

Who made Gigi Hadid’s sunglasses, ripped top, boots, and leather backpack?

Sunglasses – Quay

Shirt – Topshop

Shoes – Dr. Martens

Purse – Versace

Who made Gigi Hadid’s black sunglasses, lace up pants, leather backpack, buckle boots, key chain, and coat?

Sunglasses – Dior

Key Chain  – Fendi

Coat – Winonah

Shoes – Dr. Martens

Bag – Versace

Pants – Unravel

Who made Gigi Hadid’s round gold sunglasses, coat, leather backpack, black hooded sweatshirt, pants, and velvcro boots?

Sweatshirt and pants – Are You Am I

Purse – Versace

Shoes – Dr. Martens

Sunglasses – Linda Farrow

Key Chain – Fendi

Coat – Winonah

Who made Gigi Hadids sunglasses, orange hooded sweatshirt, black print handbag, and floral mule shoes?

Sweatshirt – Holzweiler

Shoes – Gucci

Sunglasses – Mirina Collections

Purse – Karl Lagerfeld